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Additional Information

Introduced September 2022 - ReSound OMNIA introduces the GREATEST NOISE CANCELLATION TECHNOLOGY to date by Resound.



Want to hear your best in noise and enjoy sounds all around you? Now you can.

With ReSound OMNIA™ you can hear your best in noise with an incredible 150% improvement in speech understanding. Powered by the industry’s only Organic Hearing™.


The everyday details that make a huge difference

ReSound OMNIA is made for hearing in noise and fits naturally into people’s lives, starting with the popular Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) style.

  • Our best speech understanding in noise
  • Hearing clarity all around
  • Natural own voice perception
  • Optimal comfort on the ear
  • All-day power with up to 30 hours use on one charge
  • All-weatherproof design for less maintenance
  • Check My Fit to help patients ensure their hearing
  • aids sit correctly on the ear
  • Crystal clear phone calls
  • Hands-free calls for iPhone and iPad
  • Direct streaming from your favorite devices


Sounds Natural

Emulating the natural hearing process and the natural ways we listen as closely as possible, helping the brain to hear as nature intended.

  • 150% improvement in noisy situations
  • Helping people focus on conversations and locate sounds all around them in the noisiest situations.
  • Using each unique ear shape to collect sound inside the ear to deliver a more natural hearing experience.

Feels Natural

Adapts organically to the person for the best wearing comfort all day long, with ease of use.

  • Minimizing physical effort with easy rechargeability and all-weatherproof designs.
  • Enhancing comfort with ergonomic hearing aids that fit the user’s ears and life.

Connects You Naturally

Inspired by the way we intuitively interact with people and devices in our daily lives.

  • Hearing music and taking calls from your favorite devices, just like with wireless earbuds.
  • Personalization via our popular app and remote care from hearing care professionals, anywhere.



The Resound OMNIA is available in a level 5, 7, and 9