At OnlineHearing, we pride ourselves on offering the best products from the most respected hearing aid brands. But if you’re new to the world of hearing aids, it may feel like too much information to take in at once. For that reason, here’s a quick rundown of the hearing aid manufacturers we represent and the types of hearing aids they offer.


Designed for those with mild to severe hearing loss, Phonak caters to a diverse spectrum of clients. Applauded for their comfort and modern features, many Phonak hearing aids offer a snug fit and Bluetooth compatibility, with a goal of making it easier to carry out day to day activities.

Phonak hearing aids drown out background noise and noisy environments, allowing users to hold phone conversations, watch TV, and capture sounds with ease. Touted as a revolutionary hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak strikes a balance between cutting-edge and user-friendly.


Signia offers the latest in hearing aids. Crafted using advanced technology, Signia hearing aids are known as one of the most powerful on the market. Ranking as one of the most esteemed hearing aid brands, Signia is highly sought-after.

Signia hearing instruments come in various models and with a variety of features, and are both simple to use and easy to conceal. Above all else, Signia are renowned for their ability to enhance speech intelligibility, improve the auditory process, and reduce disruptive noises.


Hearing aid prices are notoriously high, but Widex is affordable compared to the competition. Widex wearers rave about the clarity and comfort that these hearing device provide.

As one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers, Widex is widely known. Their sleek design and innovative technology are their hallmarks, and Widex Hearing Aids are sure to include premium hearing aid features such as wireless connectivity and increased accessibility.

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