A Guide to Hearing Aid Maintenance



Tips to Keep Your Hearing Aid Working

Even when they’re incredibly affordable, hearing aids are a significant investment. It’s crucial to take care of that investment and protect it from potential sources of damage. The best way to prevent damage to your hearing aids is with proper care. Online Hearing provides this guide to hearing aid maintenance. Learn how to tune, clean, and troubleshoot your hearing aid.

How to Clean Your Hearing Aid

Cleaning is the most crucial type of hearing aid maintenance. When you fail to clean your hearing aid, dirt and wax accumulate, which can cause many problems. Everything from feedback to reduced performance can be caused by a hearing aid that has not been adequately cleaned. The steps to cleaning your hearing aid include:

  1. Place hearing aids on a soft surface, such as a towel.
  2. Remove any wax from the surface of the hearing aid. Do not use water or chemicals.
  3. Brush any debris out of the microphone area.
  4. Clean the sound port or wax guard.
  5. Replace wax filters.
  6. Run a thin filament through your vent (for users with custom molds only).

Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

Hearing aids may be tiny, but they are technologically complex devices. That means that caring for them can feel complicated at times. Here is a list of the most important hearing aid maintenance tips. The most commonly given tips to keep your hearing aid working include:

  • Handle them delicately and avoid dropping them on hard surfaces
  • While most hearing aids are water resistant, avoid immersing them in water unless they are 100% waterproof like the Phonak Audeo Life hearing aids.
  • Always store your hearing aids in a dry location that is not too hot or cold
  • Keep your hearing aids free of earwax
  • Remember to charge your batteries every night or replace your batteries regularly

Hearing Aid Tuning

When you order a hearing aid from Online Hearing, we tune and program it for you before shipping it. However, you can tune your own hearing aid if it gets out of tune for any reason. Each hearing aid will work a little bit differently. Often, tuning is just a matter of adjusting the volume. However, if you need to adjust the pitch or tone of your hearing aid, do so slowly and seek help from a professional if you do not find satisfactory results.

Hearing Aid Feedback Fix

Hearing aid feedback can bring a good conversation to a screeching halt. Feedback occurs when sound from your hearing aid’s speaker enters your microphone. This causes a loop of sound that results in an unpleasant ringing or screeching. This is a common problem for hearing aid wearers. Luckily, there are a few hearing aid feedback fixes that you can try at home, which include:

  • Clean any earwax out of your receiver and microphone
  • Inspect the tubing and earmold for any holes or cracks
  • Ensure your hearing aids fit snugly in your ears
  • Properly adjusting the volume

Perform a Daily Audio Check

You should perform an audio check as one of your daily hearing aid maintenance tasks. We get so busy in our day-to-day lives that it is easy for subtle changes to go unnoticed. This is why it is helpful to sit down and check your hearing aid’s performance each day. In a controlled environment, listen closely for any buzzing, ringing, or distortion. It can also be helpful to listen to a consistent sound, such as a TV set to a specific volume level. This can help you identify if something that was once clearly audible is now difficult to hear, which might be a sign that there is a problem with your hearing aid’s performance.

Hearing Aid Repairs

While you may be able to perform some minor hearing aid maintenance tasks at home, serious repairs and part replacements should be left to the professionals. When you purchase a hearing aid online from Online Hearing, you get the same manufacturer warranties as you get from a brick-and-mortar hearing aid center. Our worldwide support team can often help you with minor repairs and troubleshooting over the phone.

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While hearing aid maintenance can extend the lifespan and improve the performance of your hearing aids, they will not last forever. When replacing your hearing aids, you don’t have to go to a physical hearing aid center. You can get a replacement hearing aid (or upgrade to something more high-tech) at our online hearing aid store. We will preprogram your hearing aids and ship them directly to your door. If you ever need help working on them, it’s no problem. All our hearing aids come with lifetime support services. Shop for hearing aids online now!

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