About Signia Hearing Aids

Signia hearing aids have been well known in the industry for over a century. This is one of the most popular hearing aid brands worldwide and it may be due to their high-quality products. Signia uses innovative technology and design to continue to improve their hearing aids, the features they offer, and how they can help those with hearing loss. If you are in the market for hearing aids, Signia is a great brand to check out. They have many different types of hearing aids that can help with different things and may be just what you are looking for!
At Online Hearing, we are proud to offer Signia products at an affordable price! We can help you find the high-quality Signia hearing aids you need to regain your hearing and confidence. There are many different styles and products offered by Signia. Learn more about those hearing aid styles below! Submit your hearing test today to get started on finding the right hearing aids for you!



If you are looking for a hearing aid that is hidden from view but offers you the same hearing improvements as some of the other hearing aids, the Signia Silk hearing aids are the perfect choice. These hearing aids are small, discreet, comfortable. They come ready to wear and are simple to use, allowing you to have improved hearing right away! Don’t let the size of this hearing aid fool you. The Silk hearing devices offer a ton of features that make their use more convenient while helping you hear in all situations. Some of the features offered in the Silk hearing aids include:

  • Audio streaming
  • Remote controlled
  • touchControl™ App for controls and programming
  • iPhone and Android compatible
  • Tinnitus therapy signals
  • Microphone to reduce background noises
  • Color coded for different ears
  • Connects wirelessly

Silk hearing aids from Signia are a great choice for anyone looking for a small and discreet hearing aid that offer a ton of convenient features.


Pure hearing aids from Signia are designed for convenience. These hearing aid models can offer great hearing improvement while remaining discreet and allowing you to do what you love. The Pure products are compatible with the eCharger™ which allows you to enjoy hearing without worrying about changing the battery. These hearing devices also have the lowest battery consumption, allowing you to enjoy what you love for longer. These dirt- and moisture-resistant hearing aids are perfect for the active lifestyle. They are great hearing aids and can be used in travel, music, business, phone calls, and the great outdoors. This style of hearing aids also offers a wide range of features that could make them the perfect pair for you. The Pure features include:

  • Remote control options
  • Directional microphones to better hear those talking to you
  • Rocker switch for volume adjustment
  • Rechargeable (with car adapter)
  • Variety of colors
  • Tinnitus therapy
  • HD music program
  • CROS/BiCROS used to transmit sound to your good ear
  • Audio streaming
  • easyTEK™ App for more control
  • iPhone and Android compatible 
  • Remote controlled

Signia Pure hearing aids are convenient, discreet, and pack with a ton of great features that can help make your hearing impairment less taxing. These are high-quality hearing aids from one of the top brands in the industry. You can’t go wrong choosing a Pure hearing aid.


Signia Cellion hearing aids combine technology and design to create an innovative and revolutionary hearing aid. This rechargeable hearing aid uses a smart OneShell design and a lithium-ion power cell to keep this hearing device convenient and sleek. These hearing aids from Signia can last for two days without needing a charge, allowing you to enjoy your favorite activities without worry that your hearing aids may die suddenly. These are small and discreet behind-the-ear hearing aids that can improve your hearing in a variety of situations. Cellion hearing aids are revolutionary and offer many different features:

  • Remote controlled by touchControl App 
  • Connect wirelessly to stream audio (bluetooth connectivity)
  • Directional microphones to better hear those talking to you
  • T-Coil function to help understand speakers more clearly
  • CROS/BiCROS used to transmit sound to your good ear
  • Resistant to sweat, dirt, and moisture
  • Lithium-ion power cell
  • Rechargeable
  • Push button for program adjustment
  • Multiple color options
  • iPhone and Android compatible
  • Tinnitus therapy

This powerful little hearing aid from Signia offers a ton of different features that we are sure you will love. Cellion hearing aids could be the perfect choice for you! Start shopping now.


There are many styles of hearing aids that Signia offers, these are the few that we offer at Online Hearing. These three hearing aid styles are extremely powerful and can help improve your hearing and your daily life. Learn more about these hearing aids and start shopping today. We will help you find the best hearing aid for you based on your needs and wants. Submit your hearing test today to get started! Checkout our great selection of Signia Hearing Aids.


Tinnitus aid is one thing that these three hearing aid styles from Signia offer that some of the other styles may not. They have a tinnitus therapy feature that can help those with tinnitus. Tinnitus is a condition that causes people to hear sounds that are not really there. These are sounds like humming, ringing, buzzing, and other similar noises. Hearing these types of non-stop noises can get exhausting, cause stress, and make you anxious. Luckily, Signia hearing aids offer tinnitus therapy that can help. There are many types of tinnitus therapy. These include:

  • Static Noise Tinnitus Therapy
  • Ocean Wave Tinnitus Therapy
  • Tinnitus Notch Therapy

What is Static Noise Tinnitus Therapy?

This type of therapy uses static noise to help fight tinnitus. The static is used as a distraction, producing a low, soft hum that allows those with tinnitus to focus on the static rather than the ringing or buzzing. This can help people with tinnitus to relax with easy. When it comes to static noise tinnitus therapy, the range of signal can be adjusted, which give the person control to find the range that will give them the best results.


What is Ocean Wave Tinnitus Therapy?

Ocean wave tinnitus therapy is similar to static noise therapy, in that it works as a distraction. However, instead of distracting a person with tinnitus using static, it uses the sound of, you guessed it, soothing ocean waves. This is a relaxing, calming, and peaceful sounds that can help people ignore the ringing in their ear and enjoy the sound of smooth, crashing waves.

What is Tinnitus Notch Therapy?

This type of tinnitus therapy is only used by Signia. They offer the only hearing aids on the market, thus far, that have built-in notch tinnitus therapy. Rather than using another noise, such as static or ocean waves, to distract someone from the sound their tinnitus makes them hear, this works by unobtrusively ridding a person of the tinnitus symptoms. By simply wearing the hearing aids, you can experience the effect after a few weeks to a month.

Signia hearing aids are high-quality, innovative, discreet, and can help improve your hearing in any situation. The Silk, Pure, and Cellion hearing aids are offered by Online Hearing. We are proud to bring such a great hearing aid brand to our customers at an affordable price! Be sure to check out our Signia hearing aids and submit your hearing test today to get started. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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