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Online Hearing offers a range of hearing devices and accessories from top brands. We want to offer our customers the best products, which is why we have numerous Widex hearing aids in our inventory to ship throughout the USA and worldwide. Our goal is always to help customers regain their hearing. We ensure we offer all the products you need to get back into conversations and live your life as you did before your hearing loss. Continue reading to learn more about our selection of Widex devices and accessories, and please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Creators of the First In-the-Ear Hearing Aid

Widex has long been known as a trailblazing hearing aid manufacturer. The company is credited with creating and perfecting the first in-the-ear hearing aid. Over the years, Widex has continued to upgrade and adapt its technology to continue to make revolutionary products that are designed with wearers in mind. All Widex devices fit comfortably on the ear for continued use all day and are easily adjustable. Whether you have moderate to severe hearing loss, you can find a Widex hearing aid to help you hear more clearly.

Benefits of Widex Hearing Aids

When looking for a pair of hearing aids, you want to be sure you’re investing your dollars wisely. You want to find devices that will meet your unique needs and last for many years to come. We offer numerous models of Widex hearing aids, including the Evoke 330, Beyond 440, and the SUPER. Each of these models comes loaded with features and benefits that are designed to make your hearing experience much better and ensure you can always hear those talking to you. Some of the most significant benefits Widex devices offer include:

  • Natural Sound: For many years, even the greatest hearing aids still sounded like hearing aids. But Widex has perfected its design to ensure a natural sound that mimics the same sensations of your natural hearing.
  • Rechargeability: Most Widex products offer a rechargeable feature that eliminates the need for tiny hearing aid batteries. Rather, you can recharge your devices every night and wear them all day, confident that you'll always have the power you need to hear.
  • Designed for Durability: Widex hearing aids are specially designed to reduce the risk of moisture damage. This makes them more durable and able to withstand inclement weather and other harsh conditions.

Enhance Your Hearing with Widex Accessories

You can improve your hearing experience even further when you pair your new Widex hearing devices with the many accessory options Widex offers. These accessories are designed to help you fully integrate your new devices into your life so you never miss anything due to your hearing loss. Widex accessories allow you to connect to an entire world of sound and pair easily with other devices. Some of the most popular Widex hearing aid accessories include:

  • TV Play: Using dual-antenna technology, TV PLAY allows for stable streaming of sounds from TV programs directly to your devices. With this convenient accessory, you’ll never miss an important moment of your favorite show.
  • COM-DEX: Wirelessly stream sound from your mobile phone to your hearing aids with the use of COM-DEX. This accessory even allows for remote control from the COM-DEX app.
  • COM-DEX Remote Mic: This innovative product provides a solution for one-on-one conversations in noisy environments. It connects wirelessly to your hearing devices and picks up the voice of your conversation partner to transmit it directly to the hearing aids.
  • UNI-DEX: The UNI-DEX makes it easier to have conversations via phone or video chat by streaming audio from your mobile devices or PC to your hearing aids.
  • CALL-DEX: This ultra-compact device streams conversations directly from your mobile phone to your hearing aids. All you have to do is insert the CALL-DEX into the jack plug of your phone and use it as you usually would.
  • PHONE-DEX 2: This cordless phone option is perfect if you have a family. It functions as a regular phone but can also stream crystal clear sound directly to your hearing devices, allowing you to hear speech in both ears.
  • TV-DEX: The TV-DEX makes it possible to stream audio from your TV straight to your hearing aids without any delay or echoes. With its innovative Room Off feature, you can block out unnecessary background noise and focus only on the sound from the TV.
  • RC-DEX: This user-friendly remote control gives you the ability to control the function of your hearing aids, including the volume and programs. It's compact and fits easily on a keychain so that you can take it anywhere.
  • FM+ DEX: This accessory converts signals from an FM receiver, telecoil, or audio line and streams the sound directly to your hearing aids.

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