iPhone Hearing Aid Compatibility

Connecting Your Hearing Aid to Your iPhone

Modern hearing aids come with many advanced features. One of the most common features seen on the hearing aids sold on Online Hearing is iPhone hearing aid compatibility. Some hearing aids can connect to iPhone smartphones automatically, making phone calls easier and clearer than ever. On top of that, hearing aids with iPhone connectivity can play music straight to your hearing aids. Learn more about all the benefits of having hearing aids with iPhone compatibility.

What Is iPhone Connectivity?

A hearing aid with iPhone connectivity or iPhone compatibility is made to connect with Apple iPhone devices. Since your hearing aids have a microphone and a speaker, you can use the crystal-clear sound quality in your hearing aids to make phone calls, stream music, and watch videos on your phone. Usually, this connection is made through Bluetooth, like most wireless headphones or speakers. Hearing aids that are made to work with iPhones often have apps available on the Apple App Store for their device, which cannot be accessed on other types of smartphones.

Using a Hearing Aid Connected to Your iPhone Is Easy

You don’t have to be a high-tech hacker or computer engineer to connect hearing aids to an iPhone. Once set up, your hearing aids will automatically connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth when you turn them on. Your hearing aids will also connect automatically anytime you answer a call on your iPhone. You don’t need to hold the phone up to your ear or change any settings. With most Apple hearing aids, you can hit “answer” and let your hearing aids do the rest. Although, you always have the option to toggle your normal iPhone speaker on and off if you’d like to share music or videos with friends.

Consider Your Battery Life When Connecting to Your iPhone

Connecting your hearing aids with your iPhone can be convenient and entertaining, but it’s worth keeping in mind that it will drain your battery life more quickly than normal usage. As your hearing aids constantly connect with your iPhone, more power is pulled from the batteries. This is no problem for owners of rechargeable hearing aids. If you use your hearing aids for music all day, you may consider taking a brief break to charge them in the middle of the day.

iPhone Hearing Aids Come With Special Apps

When you get hearing aids that are made to connect with iPhones, they usually come with a dedicated app made by that manufacturer. These easy-to-use apps make adjusting, monitoring, and controlling your hearing aids a breeze. iPhone hearing aid compatible apps often include things like remote controls for your hearing aids, the ability to check battery life, and even a function that lets your audiologist make adjustments remotely.

Brands With iPhone Compatible Hearing Aids

When selecting a hearing aid, you want to ensure that it is compatible with your particular smartphone brand. Hearing aids with iPhone compatibility on our online store can all be found in this collection. They will also mention iPhone hearing aid compatibility in the listed features. Some of the brands that regularly make hearing aids with iPhone connectivity include:

Android Compatible Hearing Aids

Some hearing aids are made to work with iPhones. Other hearing aids are made to work with Android devices. Even more, some hearing aids can connect to both iPhones and Android devices. When buying a hearing aid online, you should first narrow your search based on the device you have to ensure that it will work with your particular make of phone. A brand like Phonak is unique as it allows users to connect to any bluetooth device, whether that’s iPhone, Android, or even your computer!

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