Our iPhone Compatible Hearing Aids

Advantages of iPhone Hearing Aids

Many people with hearing loss find it especially difficult to talk on the telephone. When using the phone, you do not have the facial and situational cues that are present when you are talking to someone face-to-face. You cannot supplement the audio with lipreading.

In addition, holding the phone up to a hearing aid microphone may cause feedback. Telecoil technology can help reduce feedback, but some users perceive a buzzing sound when a telecoil is activated. It also can be challenging for some users to manage turning the telecoil function on and off.

To help with this problem, several makers of hearing aids now offer direct streaming of audio from most recent models of the iPhone and other iOS devices. Once you connect hearing aids with the iPhone, you can initiate streaming of phone calls into your hearing aids simply by answering the phone. This direct connection improves the quality of the sound you hear as well as improving the signal-to-noise ratio. Environmental sounds will not interfere as readily with your ability to hear your phone conversations.

iPhone Compatible Hearing Aids and Battery Life

Keep in mind that the Bluetooth enabled connections that allow the wireless streaming to the hearing aids consume a good amount of battery power. You may experience less battery life than with regular hearing aid usage. Simply keep a fresh pack of batteries on hand, or make sure you are charging rechargeable models every night.

If the connections become intermittent, you may have a low battery that is still able to power the hearing aid but is unable to sustain audio streaming. Also remember to allow disposable batteries to sit for a couple of minutes after you take off the sticker. This allows air to fully activate the batteries before you put them in the hearing aids. The batteries may last a few days longer if you take this step.

Hearing Aid Apps for Mobile Phones

Made for iPhone hearing devices offer apps that can be put on your phone, turning your mobile device into a convenient remote control. Most companies give you the ability to change programs and volume on the app. You often can make even finer adjustments to your hearing aids through apps. Some companies will allow an audiologist to program your hearing aids remotely through your app.

Hearing Aids Compatible with iPhones and iPads (and More)

Many hearing aid manufacturers have responded to the need for this kind of cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re looking for iPhone compatible hearing aids or bluetooth hearing aids for Android phones and devices, there is a high-tech hearing aid made just for you! Made for iPhone models include the Starkey Halo, the Signia Pure Nx, the Signia Charge Pure&Go, the Signia Styletto, the Signia BT Primax, the Widex Beyond, the Widex Evoke, the Phonak Audeo Marvel, the Phonak Audeo B, the Phonak Belong, the Resound Linx 3D, and the Resound Linx 2.

If you are having difficulty hearing on the phone with your hearing aids, consider investing in made for iPhone technology for better clarity and reduction of background noise.