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About Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids & Accessories by Online Hearing

We have a large selection of Widex hearing aids at Online Hearing that can help you restore your hearing. For many years, Widex has been the top manufacturer of hearing aids. They make hearing aids using cutting-edge technology and designs. Find the right Widex hearing aid for you by browsing our selection. To find out more about these devices and choose which one is best for you, get in touch with one of our hearing aid specialists.

Widex can be the ideal brand for you if you're seeking high-quality hearing aids that will enhance your quality of life and provide you with simple, comfortable hearing. Widex offers a number of hearing aids that can assist you in regaining your confidence and hearing.


Types of Widex Hearing Aids




In The Ear (ITE)

Hearing aids worn in-the-ear (ITE) fit in the outer part of the ear canal and are as tiny as an ear tip. The size of the ear canal will determine how covert the ITE hearing aid is.

When you are fitted for an ITE hearing aid, the hearing aid's shell is created specifically to fit your ear. This case houses all the necessary components and is ideal for folks who need to keep their hearing aids in place while on the road. The majority of hearing losses are compatible with ITE hearing aids.

The completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids may be the answer if you want a hearing aid that is even more discrete. A CIC hearing aid may tuck well within the ear canal, virtually disappearing. If you have mild to moderate-severe hearing loss and are searching for a very compact and discrete hearing aid, CIC hearing aids are a fantastic solution.

One of the tiniest hearing aid designs available is this one. To localize sound, they take advantage of the ear's organic shape. It is a hearing aid that is essentially undetectable thanks to a shell that is specially built to fit deeply into your ear canals. All Widex in-the-ear (ITE) and completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids are fully automated, allowing you to hear crystal-clear, realistic sounds with little to no effort.


Behind The Ear (BTE)

With a hook over the top of the ear, the case hangs behind the ear. For all degrees of hearing loss, including Power versions that go up to profound, ranging from mild to fairly severe. If you want more power in a fashionable form, behind-the-ear hearing aids are the best option.

Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are an excellent option if you have severe hearing loss or narrow ear canals. The BTE hearing aid comes in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors, and all of the electrical components are neatly hidden in a shell or housing behind your ear. On the majority of BTE hearing aids, volume and program selection are simple.

Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids may be the best option if you want a smaller housing than behind-the-ear hearing aids. Your ear shape and level of hearing loss will determine whether or not RIC hearing aids are a good fit for you.

Hearing aids with a receiver-in-canal (RIC) design resemble behind-the-ear hearing aids in terms of appearance. However, they are smaller because the loudspeaker or receiver is positioned in the ear-tip rather than the housing. If you have mild to severe hearing loss, these hearing aids are most appropriate for you.

Widex Hearing Aid Styles

At Online Hearing, we carry a few of the most popular Widex hearing aid styles. These include the Widex Beyond and Widex Unique.


Widex Beyond

The Beyond hearing aids are iPhone and Android compatible, making them easy to use, allowing for personal customization, and enhancing your listening experience. The Widex Beyond hearing aids are easily used with the Beyond App. This app allows you to change sound settings, listening preferences, create sound templates for different situations, adjust volume, and more! This app and these high-tech hearing aids can make it easy for you to hear in any and all settings, from dinner with family to a night out with friends.

The Beyond hearing aids and the app give you full control over your hearing. They offer streaming functionality to help you enjoy your favorite music and movies again. These hearing aids produce crystal clear sound, no matter what situation you are in. By optimizing sound based on your environment, the Beyond hearing aids will always create the perfect listening conditions for you.

The Widex Beyond hearing aids offer many additional features as well, including:

  • SMARTWIND Manager - offering 30 percent better speech understanding in wind
  • Longer lasting batteries
  • Keeps you connected with DEX communication solutions

At Online Hearing, we offer a few different Beyond styles, including a rechargeable bundle, making it easier to keep your hearing aids ready to go. Shop our Widex Beyond hearing aids now and contact us to talk to an expert!


Widex Unique

Widex Unique hearing aids are high-performance hearing aids that can provide you with quality sound, anywhere you are. While these hearing aids run on batteries, they have a longer life, lasting for up to 260 hours or 16 days!

The Unique hearing devices are excellent at capturing sounds, from highs and lows to loud and quiet sounds, you will never miss a thing. These hearing aids from Widex can easily adapt to any situation, making it easy to hear while doing any and all of your favorite activities. The Unique hearing aids adapt easily thanks to their automatic listening situation detection, making sure you hear everything you need to.

The Unique hearing aids from Widex are built with a ton of additional features, including:

  • A wider sound picture that allows you to hear soft and loud sounds comfortably
  • Wind noise reduction system
  • Produces clean sound, reducing unwanted soft sounds while maintaining the important sounds
  • Adapts to allow you to hear and distinguish sounds better, such as speech.

The Widex Unique hearing aids offered at Online Hearing could be a great choice for you! These hearing aids are small and mighty, giving you the ability to hear comfortably in many different situations and settings.


Widex Zen Therapy: Tinnitus Therapy

If you suffer from tinnitus, you know how annoying and frustrating it can be. If you don’t know what tinnitus is, it is a condition that causes a person to hear sounds that are not actually there. These sounds can be ringing, buzzing, clicking, or other similar sounds. For some, tinnitus is bad enough to cause them loss of concentration, anxiety, and depression. Widex hearing aids offer treatment for this condition that can help provide you with relief from your tinnitus. Widex uses Zen tinnitus tchnology to help!


What is Zen tinnitus technology?

The Widex zen technology is a comprehensive way to manage tinnitus symptoms and allows for people to not be impacted negatively by this condition. The zen tinnitus therapy was introduced in 2012 and has been widely used and accepted as a management tool for tinnitus.

A Holistic Approach

Widex Zen therapy uses a holistic approach which consists of components that can be altered for a person’s individual needs. There are four components that make this zen therapy work: counseling, amplification, fractal tones, and relaxation. 

  • Counseling: this component of the therapy is meant to help you understand. When you understand your tinnitus better, you can begin to see it in a less negative manner. Being able to alter your thoughts and behaviors surrounding tinnitus can help you start to experience relief. 
  • Amplification: hearing loss and tinnitus are often experienced together. This component of the therapy helps a person to better distinguish between the actual surrounding sounds and the sounds from tinnitus. Widex hearing aids can effectively help with both issues.
  • Fractal Tones: this is the zen part of the therapy. Fractal tones are used as sound therapy and to provide relaxation. The music activates neural structures which can cause a reduction of stress.
  • Relaxation: tinnitus can cause a lot of stress, which this component of the therapy works to reduce. Relaxation exercises and sleep management exercises are used to help those with tinnitus relax more and experience relief.

Tinnitus can be a frustrating condition, but there are ways to live with it, experience relief, and change your life around so that you are not always focused on the sounds that are not there. Widex Zen Tinnitus Technology could benefit you by offering relief. At Online Hearing, we are happy to provide you with hearing aids that can help reduce your tinnitus symptoms. 


    Why Widex Hearing Aids?

    Even the greatest hearing aids up to this point sounded artificial. With the improved Widex MOMENT with PuresoundTM technology, everything has changed. Because MOMENT analyzes sound so quickly compared to other devices, there is no delay that results in the irksome "tinny" false sound. Just pure, natural sound that you can hear at all times and that more than 90% of wearers are happy with.

    Delivering the purest, most natural sound ever is the groundbreaking MOMENT. The eardrum often receives sound from a hearing aid after hearing it directly. Additionally, you get an artificial sound when these two "out of sync" signals combine. However, you can now hear everything just as you used to. This revolutionary audio experience is known as PureSoundTM.

    Our customers save an average of $2900 per order

    We are changing the hearing aid industry to offer a different way to buy hearing aids and save thousands. Our business model is designed to save customers $3000-$5000 on average for a pair of hearing aids, along with providing high quality service that our customers worldwide can rely on. We've helped thousands of happy hearing aid wearers find the right hearing aids for the right price. We offer programming, maintenance, cleaning services, warranty processing and replacement parts, we do it all.