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Bluetooth Hearing Aids: Advantages and Effects on Battery Life

We live in a world where audio communication is very important, whether you’re interacting with other people or simply watching TV. For that reason, quality hearing aids are some of the most invaluable pieces of technology that people with hearing loss can utilize. Now, with the creation of bluetooth enabled hearing aids, hearing aid wearers are finding their world opening up even more.

Integrating Bluetooth technology with hearing aids has the potential to increase your quality of life by improving your listening experience. It streams audio, makes wireless communication much clearer and easier, and also opens up a world of new features.

Bluetooth hearing aids have a battery life that is pretty much comparable to traditional hearing aids, but offer more functionality. Consider some of the benefits of using Bluetooth hearing aids:

You Will Be Able to Connect to a Wide Variety of Devices

Since Bluetooth is mainstream technology, almost any electronic devices will be available for a connection. You will be able to pair your cell phone, car and television to your hearing aids. This means that all of your current technology will be able to work together to improve the ease of your life. If you are with a friend for a lunch outing who wishes to show you a song on their laptop, your hearing aids will be able to connect to it via Bluetooth to easily hear it over any background noises in a noisy café. This brings us to our second point.

Bluetooth Compatible Hearing Aids Can Act as a Pair of High Quality Earbuds

Having Bluetooth hearing aids will be like wearing headphones that you can use to listen to almost anything. Bluetooth hearing aids can be used as a hands-free device in the car, wireless headphones for a morning walk or as comfortable earbuds to listen to an audiobook.

That also means that you won't face the difficulties that non-Bluetooth hearing aids sometimes create. For instance, if you wish to listen to music during a morning walk with traditional hearing aids, you have to remove a hearing aid in order to put in your earbuds. Bluetooth technology allows you to go about your day without having to navigate this problem, because it seamlessly pairs your hearing aids to any compatible device that you wish to use.

Sound Quality Will Be Sharper and More Reliable

The quality of the sound you hear on Bluetooth hearing aids will be crisp and sharp. This is due to the good quality of a Bluetooth connection. After all, part of the appeal of using Bluetooth everywhere is that the sound quality is usually excellent!

Since you would be accessing your device on a stable connection, your hearing aids won't suffer from dropped signals or whistling.

If You Purchase iPhone Compatible Hearing Aids, You Won't Need a Streamer

Streamers are little devices that you can wear around your neck or carry in your pocket. These devices act as a sort of middleman between your hearing aids and the device you wish to connect to.

Since Bluetooth uses considerable battery power, hearing aid manufacturers have distributed streamers to go along with Bluetooth hearing aids. A streamer’s job is to provide the battery life necessary for maintaining a Bluetooth connection throughout the day. They can go days at a time on a single charge.

Made-for-iPhone hearing aids don't require a streamer at all. These special hearing aids are able to power their Bluetooth technology from the iPhone itself. As long as you have your iPhone with you, your Bluetooth technology will work almost anywhere.

Bluetooth Doesn't Affect Battery Life

If you choose to use Bluetooth hearing aids with non-Apple products such as Android phones, the addition of Bluetooth won’t shorten the battery life of your hearing aids at all: Since the streamer does all of the heavy lifting, your Bluetooth hearing aids should be able to last for days on a single charge.

The strong battery that maintains the Bluetooth connection is in the streamer itself, so manufacturers can put a very strong battery in a streamer in order to prevent it running out of power quickly. You shouldn't experience trouble with short battery life using the right model.

Bluetooth Compatible Hearing Aids: A New Level of Clarity and Functionality

Bluetooth hearing aids can assist you in so many different ways. On top of being able to be used as a hands-free device to listen to music, they can also be used to take a phone call and connect to almost anything.

Additionally, the versatility of a Bluetooth connection isn't hampered by large battery consumption; a streamer's job is to provide you the necessary battery power to get you through the day without needing a charge.

Contact us today if you have any questions about hearing aids with Bluetooth wireless technology. We’re here to help you choose the best hearing aids for your needs, including the ones that work best with your Bluetooth enabled devices.

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