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Your hearing lets you interact with the world around you through conversation, media, music, and art. It is one of your most vital senses. When you are experiencing difficulty hearing clearly, turn to the experts at Online Hearing for advanced hearing aid accessories available today. Our company stocks items from the industry's top names, like Signia, Phonak, Widex, and others. We will always work with you to find the right device for your needs and budget and provide the personalized assistance you deserve so you can hear crystal clear for life. Contact us today to learn more about our accessories or to place your order.


Our Broad Range of Hearing Accessories

The capabilities of modern hearing aids have improved dramatically over the last few decades. By incorporating wireless technology, noise cancellation, and other features, people can hear more clearly than ever before. Our superior selection of accessories at Online Hearing takes hearing aid performance a step further and gives you incredible customization options to match your auditory needs. Our full accessory inventory includes:   

  • ConnectorsOur connector accessories are all designed with user ease in mind. Easy to set up and easier to operate, they offer both plug-and-play direct connectivity and wireless, hands-free streaming to suit your lifestyle. You can stream high-quality sound from any number of sources, including TVs, stereos, and morefor hours while effortlessly controlling volume, programming, and sound direction from your smartphone or Apple Watch. Our connector devices give you customization options as well, including color choice, discreet mobile carrying capability, and more.  
  • Power Packs: Our power pack accessories give you the full freedom of charging on the go. With their built-in lithium-ion batteries, you can get up to three charges before ever needing to charge the device itself again and keep your hearing aid running strong. Our power pack accessories also feature quick charge technology, giving you the power you need in minutes, not hours, so you never miss a moment. You get full power no matter where you are with this all-in-one powered up package.
  • MicrophonesWith our state-of-the-art microphones, your hearing aid devices become hands-free mobile headsets at the push of a button. Our mic accessories let you stream premium, stereo quality sound from any Bluetooth device, including mobile phones, laptops, PCs, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and more. These mics also act as remote microphones and allow someone to speak into it (and your hearing aid) from up to 65 feet away. 
  • Speakers/Listening Device: Our speakers and listening devices let you hear sound in your hearing aid, your way. Focus on what you're watching or listening to and exclude all other sounds in the room. Or, have a conversation while your audio media is still coming in. With the included, easy-to-use app, you can evenly balance the sounds of TV and stereo with other ambient sounds and conversations from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone or wrist-based device. 
  • Remotes: Our mini pocket remotes make the ideal solution for people who want discreet control of their hearing aids without losing any advanced capabilities. Dependable and easy-to-use, our remotes can be carried on a keychain while simultaneously controlling all your essential hearing device features.  

Put Your Trust in Online Hearing

More than merely our sales, savvy customers come to Online Hearing first to get the comprehensive assistance they need for their hearing aids and hearing aid accessories. Our company takes great pride in delivering an unrivaled experience from start to finish and the premier products that offer the best results. Should you become part of our business family, you too can enjoy our:   

  • Affordability: Online Hearing offers the top brand name hearing accessories from SigniaPhonakWidex, and others at some of the very best prices you will find anywhere. We have designed our business model to save all of our customers up to 70% on hearing aid products when compared to other local providers. We offer the full manufacturer's warranty on everything we sell. When you work with Online Hearing, you get affordable hearing aid accessories you want, shipped to you anywhere in the world. 
  • Service: Our customers know we provide service they can rely on. In addition to our outstanding hearing aid accessories, we offer full programming, maintenance, cleaning services, warranty processing, and replacement parts for all our name-brand hearing aids. Online Hearing has been selling the top products from the best names and fully servicing all of our products for nearly ten years.  Today, we continue that tradition by refusing to do anything less. 
  • Extraordinary Selection: All the hearing aids and accessories we sell come backed by proven research and results. Our dedicated specialists are always available, live via phone, to work with you to find the right hearing aid accessories for your unique needs. We explain features, power, performance, and operation until youre completely satisfied, and we never leave you confused or unsure concerning the selection you have made. 


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Your hearing is vital. When you want to regain near-perfect function for one of your most essential senses, choose the company that is on your side, working every day to make it happen. Contact our hearing aid accessory experts at Online Hearing today and let us help you hear clearly once again. 

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