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When you decided to use Online Hearing as your hearing aid provider, all it takes is four simple steps to get you the high-quality hearing devices you need!


Step 1:

Get a hearing test.

Before you get started on selecting and purchasing your hearing aids, you will need to get a professional hearing test done. Visit your doctor or schedule an appointment at your local ear clinic to get your hearing tested and your ears examined.

Step 2:

Send us the results.

To get hearing aids tailored to your specific needs, you will need to send us the results of your hearing test. Your audiogram needs to be signed, dated, and include all of the proper scores of a valid audiogram. Your test can also be no older than six months. Send your results via email, fax them to 866-577-2922, or submit them through this form.

Step 3:

Find your new hearing aids.

Once your test is submitted, you can start shopping through our huge collection of top name brand hearing aids. One of our hearing aid experts can help you find the perfect hearing aids for you and your needs. You will be able to shop through brands like Signia, Widex, Phonak, and more! While you will be getting the top brands and high-quality hearing aids, when you shop Online Hearing, you can expect to save 50 to 70 percent compared to your local provider!

Step 4:

Leave the rest to us!

Once you pick your hearing aids and we have received your hearing test, we will take care of the rest! Our hearing experts will program and customize your hearing aids and ensure they pass our quality control checklist before sending them on to you. When you receive your hearing aids, they will be ready to wear, giving you your hearing back the second you open the package.

Ordering hearing aids from Online Hearing is as simple as that! There is no hassle, and no worrying about whether or not you are receiving the best quality products. You can regain your hearing and your confidence in four simple steps.

If you have any questions about our process, products, and anything involving your hearing, feel free to contact us! Our representatives can help you with anything you need! We want our customers to be satisfied with their new hearing devices while saving money. We are so confident with the quality of our hearing aids and programming that we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back in full.

Why can we offer such low prices?

Since we are an online hearing aid store, we can provide to a larger customer base. This means that we have more customers and can offer our top brand hearing aids at a more affordable price. Local clinics and providers have a limited customer base, which causes them to charge more for the same hearing aids, they have to charge a larger premium to make a profit.

If you want hearing aids that are the best quality for the best prices, shop Online Hearing!

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Our customers save an average of $2900 per order

We are changing the hearing aid industry to offer a different way to buy hearing aids and save thousands. Our business model is designed to save customers $3000-$5000 on average for a pair of hearing aids, along with providing high quality service that our customers worldwide can rely on. We've helped thousands of happy hearing aid wearers find the right hearing aids for the right price. We offer programming, maintenance, cleaning services, warranty processing and replacement parts, we do it all.