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Here at Online Hearing, we carry and customize Signia’s CROS hearing aids. These innovative hearing aids are ideal for those of us who suffer from total, unaidable hearing loss in one ear, and some or no hearing loss in the other. Utilizing CROS/BiCROS technology, wearers are able to regain perception of the full surrounding environment.

Now let’s delve into the details. Here is an overview of Signia’s CROS hearing aids, including the details of CROS/BiROS technology, the benefits of the CROS speaker and the CROS Pure receiver/transmitter, and the customizable options for CROS hearing aid models.



Signia’s CROS/BiCROS TechnologyCros Hearing Aids
CROS/BiCROS technology embodies the pinnacle hearing solution for people with unaidable hearing loss in one ear. Signia has paved the way for transmitter and speaker integration, enabling wearers to capture sounds from any direction in the environment, mimicking how others hear with two ears.
Here’s the concept: CROS hearing aids have a speaker (which is placed in the aidable ear — the speaker can be placed in an ear with impaired or normal hearing capabilities), as well as a receiver/transmitter (which is placed in the ear with complete hearing loss). The receiver captures sounds from the deaf side of the body, and it transmits those sounds to the speaker. The speaker instantaneously analyzes and integrates those sounds with noise from the rest of the environment. In this way, the wearer can regain a full “picture” of the audible environment that surrounds them. CROS hearing aids can be customized into CROS or BiCROS settings.

The CROS Setting: The CROS system is designed to aid those who have fully functional hearing in one ear, and unaidable hearing loss in the other. In this instance, the receiver retrieves noise from the deaf side of the body, and it digitally transmits this noise to the audible side of the body. These sounds are instantaneously integrated with sounds on the audible side of the body, giving the wearer a full scope of the world.

The BiCROS Setting: Unlike the CROS setting, the BiCROS setting is for those of us who have complete deafness or unaidable hearing in one ear, as well as partial hearing impairment in the other ear. In a manner similar to CROS transmission, the receiver picks up sounds from the inaudible side of the body, and it transmits those sounds to the speaker side of the fixture. With the BiCROS setting, this final culmination is amplified to the preferences of the wearer.



The Benefits of the CROS Speaker

CROS speakers are designed to make hearing easy — it’s as simple as that. Hearing loss can be straining, frustrating, and debilitating. With CROS’ hearing aid speakers, these hearing obstacles are mitigated, if not completely overcome. CROS speakers analyze and project sound instantaneously. Sound is collected and shaped to provide a clear, highly defined audible environment for the wearer. CROS hearing aids recognize and enhance speech to provide better communication for those of us who are hearing impaired. In addition, CROS aids reduce echos, static, feedback, wind, and other noises that can interrupt our analysis and enjoyment to hear sounds that surround us. CROS speakers are also easy to control. Adjusting the output volume is a snap. Plus, CROS speakers can be adjusted if the wearers hearing demands change.



The Benefits of the CROS Pure Receiver/Transmitter

A discrete transmitter: While other hearing aids are bulky and everything but compact, CROS hearing aids are small and discrete. CROS aids are roughly the thickness of a pen, and both the transmitter and speaker have thin, semi-transparent wires. Nearly the entirety of the transmitter is hidden behind the ear; others won’t notice that you’re wearing an aid at all.


A small, yet efficient battery: CROS hearing aids are designed to last. While other hearing aids burn through batteries, CROS hearing aids utilize miniscule size-312 batteries, and they last for hours on end. CROS hearing aids efficiently capture, digitize, and transmit sound.



Complex microphones: It’s crucial to capture sound from multiple directions in order to relay sound properly from the inaudible ear to the audible ear. CROS hearing aids are designed to do just that. The receiver device features multi-directional microphones which capture and transmit sound from every direction on the deaf side of the body. CROS’s complex microphones provide further hearing information to the audible ear of an individual.


CROS’ IP67 rating: The International Electrotechnical Commission (or IEC) establishes protection degrees for both solid and liquid contaminants. That’s a mouthful, but in short, the IEC provides guidelines for how impervious a product is to dust and water (among other contaminants). CROS hearing aids have earned a rating of IP67, which means that the hearing aids are resistant to dust contamination, and they’re waterproof in up to one meter of water. That means superior performance for your hearing aid, even in the face of sweat, dust, dirt, and moisture. If you happen to drop the hearing aid into the pool, or if the transmitter falls into the sink, you won’t have to worry about malfunctions.


Ergonomic design: The CROS hearing aid receiver isn’t just designed to capture high-quality sound, it’s also designed for comfort. CROS receivers/transmitters are designed to hug the ear, providing a comfortable fit — wearers often forget that they’re even using an aid. CROS hearing aids are lightweight, ergonomically designed, and they’re available with an adjustable receiver length.



Customizable CROS Hearing Aids

CROS hearing aids are designed to be completely customizable. From the hearing aid style and color to the programming and settings, CROS hearing aids are designed to reduce hearing stress, while remaining discrete. CROS aids can be customized to meet your hearing demands. Speak with an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist to determine the proper settings for your new hearing aid. Once you have the right specifications for your hearing demands, you can reach out to us to custom order a CROS hearing aid that’s properly programmed for your needs.

You can also customize the look of your hearing aid by selecting the color of the shell. CROS aids are available in silver, terracotta, chestnut brown, royal blue, diamond black, silver grey, steel grey, and chroma beige.



Our Hearing Aids Come With a Guarantee

Our CROS hearing aids are guaranteed to satisfy! Our CROS hearing aid products are backed by an incredible warranty. All aids come with a three-year warranty, three years of loss and damage insurance, a one-year supply of batteries, domes, and wax filters, a 60-day money back guarantee (with a full refund), professional hearing aid programming support, free expedited shipping throughout the US, and lifetime hearing aid service and support — just speak with one of our friendly representatives whenever you need service or have questions. You can also reach out via email at, or you can fill out our online form to leave us a written message. Don’t forget, we also offer secure shopping right here online, and we back our products with a low-price guarantee!



About Single-Sided Deafness

Single-sided deafness (SSD) is a term that applies to those of us who have an unaidable or deaf ear, as well as an aidable or fully capable ear. SSD can be caused by a variety of issues, including trauma, congenital unilateral hearing loss, the measles, meningitis, acoustic neuroma, infections, Severe Meniere’s Disease, and other diseases. Individuals can also befall single-sided deafness due to unknown reasons — this phenomenon is called idiopathic hearing loss.

When you lose hearing, it can be debilitating, and most forms of hearing loss are irreversible. On top of a loss of hearing, SSD can result in numerous other issues. Those who have SSD may also have difficulty understanding speakers, difficulty separating sounds in the environment, trouble determining the direction from which a sound originates, and tinnitus.

That’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s precisely the reason thinking behind CROS hearing aid design. CROS aids are intended to help those who are single-sidedly deaf to gain a full picture of the world. CROS aids mitigate the difficulties mentioned before. With a CROS device, it’s easier to understand speakers, it’s easier to isolate sounds within the environment, and it’s easier to establish which direction a sound is coming from.

In addition, CROS hearing aids are intended to heighten the sound quality of the environment; they improve the hearing range of an individual; they mitigate background noise and static; they provide a sense of balanced hearing; and they make listening less straining for the wearer.


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