Oticon Hearing Aids

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Don't be fooled by over priced products! - Online Hearing has recently discontinued selling Oticon products due to an industry push by Oticon to make their hearing aids more expensive to YOU, the consumer. -- Local audiologists love this move because it restores the monopoly the industry once had on patients where YOU the consumer could not shop around or find better pricing for their hearing aids -- We're here to break the monopoly and offer you BETTER hearing aids for LESS money. 

With the new FDA Over-The-Counter regulations on hearing aids the industry is going through a change and some Manufacturers such as Oticon and local audiologists across the country are fighting against it so they can continue to charge $8000 or more for hearing aids! - This is unacceptable and the reason we are here fighting for your rights as a consumer.

Oticon's technology is not superior to any other major brand of hearing aids, such as Siemens Signia, Phonak or Widex. -- Research will show you that each one of these manufacturers offers better features, newer technology without the outrageous price tag.

Call us today to find a hearing aid that suits your needs at a great price without the monopoly Oticon and the local audiologists are trying to trap you in: 855-394-3274 - Free consultations