Signia Styletto 7AX - Pair (Rechargeable, Bluetooth, and Discreet - Charger Included!)

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Additional Information

Hearing Aids Will Never Be the Same with the New Signia Styletto AX

Pair of Signia Styletto AX Hearing Aids in White/Silver

Revolutionary Soundscape Processing that can mathematically decipher speech from noise

The New Signia Styletto AX Hearing Aids contains two independent processers, vastly improving performance. With this new performance potential, Signia has been able to dedicate one processor to Focus Sounds (such as speech) that have an emphasis on clarity, and then the other processor has been dedicated to determining other noises such as the sound of music, or background noise. Based on your environment, the hearing aid can automatically determine what is important based on your situation and apply the right settings to give you the best chance of hearing what you want to hear.




Android and iPhone Connectivity

Wearers enjoy listening to phone calls, music, TV and more with state-of-the-art Bluetooth streaming. Bluetooth streaming is finally compatible with Android devices, meaning patients no longer have to make sacrifices just because of their type of phone.


One of The Slimmest Rechargeable Hearing Aids in the World with Options to Charge Your Hearing Aids ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

The new Styletto AX's figured your hearing aids should work no matter where you are or what you are doing. That's why they include a portable charger with a battery backup that can add up to 3 Additional Charges, ensuring you no longer have to worry about if or when your hearing aids will run out of charge.

Proven Remote Audiology

We can perform full-comprehensive adjustments and in-situ audiometry from anywhere in the world. This ability to conduct a hearing test through the hearing aids remotely allows us to ensure accurate fittings and account for patient feedback at a level never before seen.


Comparison Chart Between the Different Levels of Signia Styletto AX

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