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Introduced October 17th, 2022, OTC Hearing Aids are going to revolutionize the hearing aid industry. Consumers can now purchase hearing aids without needing to visit an audiologist at any step in the process. This will increase the accessibility of hearing aids nationwide, as users are now able to take their hearing healthcare into their own hands.

At Online Hearing, we provide the world's best prescription and over-the-counter hearing aids at a more affordable price than anywhere else nationwide.

With this revolutionary change in the hearing aid industry, there are still some questions that need to be answered.


 - How do I know if OTC hearing aids are right for me?

A: Well, it depends on a number of factors. While OTC hearing aids may have a convenient buying process, the fact that users forgo a true audiological evaluation makes it impossible to tell if this is the best solution for you, or just the most convenient one...

It's likely worth noting that while OTC hearing aids may save you thousands compared to local providers, they may not even save you any money at all when compared to online hearing aid providers like Online Hearing. OTC Hearing Aids are expected to cost anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 for a pair and may or may not have Bluetooth, may or may not be rechargeable, and have the absolute minimum number of frequency channels, but Online Hearing already offers professionally fit, rechargeable, Bluetooth hearing aids set to your audiological prescription with a 3-year warranty and free, lifetime support from our licensed providers for ~$1,300 a pair.

This is not to say OTC Hearing Aids are not the right solution for you, just that the answer is a little more complicated than most others have led on, considering some people may see a significant benefit from spending an extra $100-300 and getting a prescription hearing aid with true support, while others really do not need it and should save the money.

At the very least, we would recommend calling our staff of Doctors of Audiology and Licensed Hearing Aid Specialists who are on standby and ready to help with any questions you may have. You can reach them at 855-394-3274. They can help provide guidance through this process at absolutely no charge and ensure you're making the right decision.

Are OTC hearing aids returnable if I purchase from you?

A: We would recommend checking the return policy on the product page. The FDA does not require manufacturers of OTC hearing aids to provide a return period. However, a significant amount of manufacturers do have some listed return period and we will make sure to include it on the product page. The consumer is responsible for return shipping to our support center.

Do OTC hearing aids come with a warranty? How does the repair process work?

A: Most OTC Hearing Aids come with at least a 1-year warranty, but some may be longer. The consumer is responsible for shipping the hearing aid to our support center where we will handle the warranty process for you. Once completed, we will ship the hearing aids back to you.

My OTC Hearing Aid is broken and no sound is coming out. What should I do?

A: OTC hearing aids require the same, if not more maintenance than prescription hearing aids. The Wax Traps must be changed out every week or two, or else the volume will continue to decrease until no sound at all comes out. Your hearing aid may work, you just may need to change the wax traps!

If you do that and no sound comes out, then it may be worth sending the hearing aid in to have the hearing aid repaired.

- Do OTC hearing aids include any service or support? Will I be able to speak with an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Specialist if I have any questions?

A: The main reason OTC Hearing Aids are available at such a discount is because there is no middle man, the consumer has full control over their hearing aids and hearing healthcare. However, that does come with its own drawbacks.

For one, there is no support from a licensed hearing aid provider, whether that be an audiologist or a hearing aid specialist. At Online Hearing, we're very limited in what we can do to support OTC users as the hearing aids cannot be adjusted and have no remote support capabilities. If you need support with your hearing aids, we'll try our best, but most of the time you will have to reach out to the manufacturer of the hearing aids. If you just give us a call, we'll provide their number and you can reach out directly to them.

The FDA does not require there to be any phone support for OTC hearing aids. All are required to provide email support, but only some OTC hearing aid manufacturers will offer phone support. Make sure to reach out to us at 855-394-3274, and we'll help provide a detailed comparison between all the products and let you know your support options for all of them.


*Based on some local retailer pricing