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Unitron Moxi V Hearing Aids - Android & iPhone Compatible (Pair)


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Turn up the volume on life with Vivante

Prices may change at any time depending on availability

Our prices are for a PAIR (LEFT and RIGHT)

Step into every one of life’s moments with Unitron's newest platform with an expanded portfolio of styles on Vivante, delivering their best sound performance yet. Get ready to embrace the good life brought right to your ears with more choice.

Choice makes life beautiful.

The expanded style offering on Vivante provides you with more choice to match preferences and lifestyles.

Moxi V-312 is our smallest RIC featuring direct connectivity and an innovative design

FULLY RECHARGEABLE: Lithium Ion Battery Technology (Charger Included)

BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE: Android or iPhone (Streaming and Apps)

Because more choice is always the right choice

Life is full and beautiful when you can embrace all the sounds it has to offer. Welcome to the Vivante experience.​

Live life to the fullest and enjoy all the sounds that come with it

The Vivante platform has our best sound performance yet, delivering the sounds of the good life no matter where your patients are off to next by automatically adjusting to their lifestyle.

  • Integra OS has evolved to have a new 8th listening environment, conversation in loud noise, utilizing our new HyperFocus feature. For the most complex, noisy situations, HyperFocus improves the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for face-to-face conversations.
  • Vivante features our new 360 conversation in car manual program that automatically focuses on speech, regardless of where passengers are sitting.

With our suite of Experience Innovations, we deliver a personalized and freeing hearing experience

  • Gain peace of mind knowing that your recommendations meet your patients' hearing needs based on real-world data with our lifestyle analyzer, Log It All.
  • Using Ratings, you can stay connected to your patient's personal hearing journeys with real-time ratings and comments that alert you to their successes and additional hearing needs.
  • With Coach, support is continued beyond the in-person consultation with personal tips and advice.
  • Remote Adjust allows you to quickly make feature changes without requiring an office visit.
  • FLEX:TRIALTM allows your patients to experience the benefits of hearing instruments in their day to day lives before making the purchase decision.
  • FLEX:UPGRADETM empowers you and your patients to easily upgrade their hearing solutions to a higher technology level as needs evolve.

Seamless Made For All connectivity to multiple devices with true hands-free technology

  • Our Made For All compatibility and true hands-free technology enable your patients to stream directly to their hearing aids using their favorite Bluetooth capable devices -- plus they can connect with two devices simultaneously.
  • Accessories like Remote Control, PartnerMic, TV Connector and Roger Direct further enhance your patients' listening experience.

Features of the Moxi B-RT:

  • SoundNav 3 - 8 Listening environments
    • Conversation in loud noise
    • Conversation in crowd
    • Conversation in a small group
    • Music
    • Quiet
    • Noise
    • Conversation in quiet
    • Conversation in noise
  • Pinna Effect 2
    • Personalised
  • SpeechPro
    • Speech locator
    • Speech focus
    • Spatial Speech
Key features of the Moxi V:
  • Total streaming environments 2
    • MediaNav speech
    • MediaNav music
  • Sound Conductor
    • Speech enhancement
    • Nose reduction
    • Microphone features
  • Sound Stabilization
    • AntiShock 2
    • Wind control
    • Feedback manager
    • Natural sound balance
  • Ease and Convenience
    • Made for All direct connectivity
    • Rechargeable
    • TV Connector
    • Duolink
    • Binaural Phone