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Online Hearing is changing the way people wear hearing aids.

You no longer have to go into a local brick-and-mortar store where you have to spend $6,000, $7,000, $8,000 or more. You no longer have to buy some made-up, unrecognized product that no one has ever heard of and no audiologist has ever dispensed.

Through Online Hearing, you can buy Brand Name, Medical Grade Hearing Aids and save upwards of $6,000! Brands that your local ENT Doctor or Audiologist would sell such as Phonak, Signia, Widex, Resound, Unitron, and Star.

More Importantly, when you buy from Online Hearing, you have Unlimited, Free Support by our Licensed Hearing Healthcare Professionals. No more paying for every office visit or taking hours out of your day just to have the volume turned up. Hearing Aids today can be adjusted directly over the phone. Most of our specialist used to work in local clinics and dispense hearing aids in brick-and-mortar locations before they realized they could save their patients THOUSANDS of dollars and provide the same attention and care they were used to providing locally.

Ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity?

Our services are currently available in the following states: 

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine MarylandMassachusetts Michigan Minnesota Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New JerseyNew York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee TexasUtah Vermont VirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming


If you are not in one of these states, no need to worry! We are expanding rapidly into other states and even have some local providers that may be able to help you get hearing aids for reasonable prices in the meantime! If you are interested in finding out when we are available in your area or if we have a local provider that may be able to help, you can fill out this form below and we will let you know the best way for you to save money on hearing aids!

Our customers save an average of $2900 per order

We are changing the hearing aid industry to offer a different way to buy hearing aids and save thousands. Our business model is designed to save customers $3000-$5000 on average for a pair of hearing aids, along with providing high quality service that our customers worldwide can rely on. We've helped thousands of happy hearing aid wearers find the right hearing aids for the right price. We offer programming, maintenance, cleaning services, warranty processing and replacement parts, we do it all.