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now through 9/30

Call now to take advantage!
(855) 394-3274

Offer Expires 09/30/2023.

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The new Discover platform from Unitron is the industry's best bang for the buck. Presented by Phonak, Unitron Jump R hearing aids get the Android and iPhone direct connectivity via Bluetooth and Remote Programming abilities. 

All of the industry's top specifications built in a small, discrete device. Key features listed below, call our experts for more information.

FULLY RECHARGEABLE: Lithium Ion Battery Technology (Charger Included)

BLUETOOTH COMPATIBLE: Android or iPhone (Streaming and Apps)

Looking for a stylish, discreet and flexible hearing aid with impeccable sound quality? Bournemouth-based audiologists, Key to Hearing, are now offering the state-of-the-art beind the-ear Moxi Jump R and Moxi Fit from leading manufacturer, Unitron. With the unique Discover platform and FLEX:TRIAL TM program we can tailor your hearing experience to meet your personal lifestyle and listening needs.

Battery-powered or rechargeable?

The Moxi Fit is a battery-powered hearing aid that’s designed for convenience and ease of use. If you’d prefer a rechargeable device, Moxi Jump R offers a full day of hearing, including streaming, from a single charge. Both hearing aids are available in a choice of 10 colors and can be adjusted to comfortably fit any ear. 

Discover a truly flexible hearing solution

The Discover platform offers four options to provide a high quality hearing experience in a range of environments, from simple conversational needs to listening to music and dealing with background noise.


You’ll be able to enjoy all the things you love again – from chatting on the phone to watching films and going to concerts and shows. Life in the workplace will also be easier, as you’ll be able to focus on speaking to colleagues without worrying about background noise.

Seamless connectivity

For ultimate convenience, Moxi Jump R and Moxi Fit both offer hands-free phone and video calls, and music streaming, directly to your hearing aids from almost any type of smart phone. With the TV Connector, you can also enjoy wireless volume control over your TV and other devices such as laptops and stereos without affecting anyone else’s enjoyment.

Your hearing care is a two-way conversation, so you can send us feedback using the Unitron Remote Plus app. We can then further personalize your devices, helping you benefit from optimum sound quality wherever you are.


Putting you in control with FLEX:TRIAL TM

Unitron’s FLEX:TRIAL TM program makes it quick and easy for you to discover how a Moxi Fit hearing aid could change your life. It’s a simple three step process that means you can try out your new devices with no obligation to buy (2) if you decide they’re not for you.

Future-proof your hearing with FLEX:UPGRADE TM

The FLEX:UPGRADE TM scheme gives you peace of mind that you can upgrade your Moxi devices without having to buy new one if your hearing needs change. Ask us for more details.

Features of the D Moxi Jump R:

  • Upto 20 Processing Channels.
  • SoundNav 3 - 7 Listening environments
    • Conversation in crowd
    • Conversation in a small group
    • Music
    • Quiet
    • Noise
    • Conversation in quiet
    • Conversation in noise
  • Spatial Awareness
    • Personalised
    • Pinna effect
  • SpeechPro
    • Speech locator
    • Speech focus
    • Spatial Speech
Key features of the D Moxi Jump R Range:
  • Total streaming environments 2
    • MediaNav speech
    • MediaNav music
  • Sound Contuctor
    • Speech enhancement
    • Nose reduction
    • Microphone features
  • Sound Stabilization
    • AntiShock 2
    • Wind control
    • Feedback manager
    • Natural sound balance
  • Ease and Convenience
    • Made for All direct connectivity
    • Rechargeable
    • TV Connector
    • Duolink
    • Binaural Phone