Siemens Signia Pure Primax 3Px with EasyTek, eCharger & TV Transmitter Hearing Aid - Pair

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  • Siemens EasyTek - Bluetooth Streaming and communication device
  • Siemens TV Transmitter - Turn any TV into a wireless, bluetooth TV with the EasyTek
  • Siemens eCharger - Rechargeable Battery System with 2 Siemens Rechargeable Batteries

 Newest most advanced hearing aid from Siemens

In addition to all of the features found on the award winning Siemens Binax hearing aid from Siemens, we now present the newly released Siemens Signia Primax Models with enhanced features:

Directional microphones
Optimized placement and orientation ensure the best possible hearing performance.

Battery compartment
For a size 312 standard or rechargeable battery. With on/off function.

Wireless Connectivity
Easy audio streaming and remote control functionality via the easyTek™ and easyTek™ App.

The telephone signal is transmitted clearly from one hearing aid to the other.

Tinnitus Therapy Feature
Tinnitus therapy signals with five static noise types and four ocean wave signals.

Charging Contacts
The eCharger™ charges and dehumidifies Pure Primax overnight.

Remotely Controllable
Via the touchControl™ App, hearing programs, volume, directionality, bass, and treble can be changed discreetly.

Wireless CROS/BiCROS
Compatible with CROS Pure®.

Primax Best Sound Technology
Suitable for practically all levels of hearing loss, the new Pure primax redefines the lightness of hearing. IP67-rated* for greater reliability, its tiny housing is packed full of advanced functionality, and thanks to the eCharger, there are no batteries to replace. Directional microphones deliver outstanding binaural performance while easyTek and easyTek App extend its functionality for greater convenience and connectivity.

*Achieved IP67 rating per IEC 60529 standard. Water-resistant device can be completely submerged in water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes and dust will not interfere with the satisfactory operation of the device.

CROS/BiCROS Transmitter
As discreet and elegant as the Pure® Primax™ hearing aid, CROS Pure is the transmitter for CROS and BiCROS fittings. It is compatible with almost all Primax hearing aids.

e2e wireless 3.0
This third-generation wireless data exchange system enables energy-efficient audio data transmission to the corresponding primax hearing aid.

Sleek Housing
CROS Pure fits discreetly behind the ear and offers a high degree of wearing comfort.

miniReceiver 2.0
Available in four different lengths for retention. Please note: No output is provided by the receiver if attached to the CROS Pure.

The best accessories complement and significantly extend the functionality of hearing aids. Remote controls, companion microphones, and charging stations are a delight for every hearing aid wearer.

touchControl App.

A touch is all it takes.
Compatible with all primax devices, the touchControl App allows users to discreetly control their hearing aids from their Android™ or iOS® smartphone without the need for any additional hardware. The app, which lets users change hearing programs and adjust the volume, is free to download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Spatial Configurator
Now also available in the touchControl App, the Spatial Configurator function is used to adjust the span and focus of the directional microphones, allowing users to easily concentrate on their preferred sound source. Simply enabled during setup, the function is compatible with most 7px and 5px hearing aids*.

* Bilateral fitting, TwinMic and e2e wireless 3.0 required.


EasyTek Bundle Features:

Connectivity for ultimate convenience.

Whether worn on top of your clothing, or hidden discreetly underneath, the lightweight and stylish easyTek™ connects your hearing aids to many different Bluetooth®-enabled devices wirelessly. Audio from TVs, MP3 players, phones, and other sources is streamed directly into your ears. Simply enjoy listening again with easyTek.

Now sound from phone calls, TV shows, or music can be transmitted directly into your ears. EasyTek does this — and more! Worn around your neck, it keeps you connected and in control by streaming audio through your hearing aids or serving as a remote control. And when combined with the easyTek™ App for Android™ and iOS smartphones, you can also use your cell phone to discreetly adjust programs and volume, listen at your preferred level without disturbing others, or zoom in on the voice of a person next to you at a restaurant.Enhance your listening experience and style.

It’s all in the name.

easyTek is easy to use. It transforms binaural hearing aids into a high-quality stereo headset. The smart multifunction button lets you turn easyTek on and off, answer a phone call, change listening programs, or easily switch between audio sources like music players, TVs and more with just one button.

The straightforward volume controls allow you to quickly change the volume of your hearing aids. And the easy-to-read LED lights give you important alerts, such as when it’s time to recharge the battery.

  • Remote control and streamer in one small, stylish device
  • Transmits audio signals to both hearing aids in true stereo, at your preferred volume, without disturbing others
  • Bluetooth wireless line-in input and direct audio input provide connectivity to devices such as TVs, VoiceLink™, music players, laptops, smartphones and more
  • Audio transmission with minimal power consumption for exceptionally reliable Bluetooth and FM streaming
  • Multipoint system works with two phones at once
  • Streams audio from two transmitters for TVs and other devices
Supreme connectivity.
  • Discreet and convenient one-touch operation with the intuitive multifunction button
  • Automatic situation detection and adjustment of the function and controls for streaming, phone calls, programs, and external audio sources
  • Correct placement for reliable operation and excellent sound quality, thanks to the neckloop antenna
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