Siemens Signia Cellion Primax 5 Hearing Aid (With Rechargeable Station) - Pair

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 A new version from Siemens for the Award-winning highly technological Primax 5 Hearing Aid. Released October 2016

The Siemens Signia Cellion Primax 5 rechargeable hearing aids have a receiver in the canal design. It uses a selection of different technologies to enable it to provide a supreme listening experience for the wearer. It can be relatively easy to hear with a hearing aid in a quiet place when one person is speaking face on, but there are other environments that are more difficult and the hearing aid can help with these. It is suitable for those with moderate to severe hearing loss.

24 hours operating time, even when streaming.
Cellion can run for at least 24 hours with unlimited streaming. Lithium-ion power cell is completely conjoined with no battery door to open and remove the battery. Meaning no hassle. This Siemens Signia Cellion Primax hearing aid is sealed for an IP68 rating to resist against dust and humidity.

Cellion can be fully charged in four hours, and is then ready to use for at least 24 hours without recharging, even if the wearer is streaming audio full-time.

A 30-minute “fast charge” immediately provides Cellion more than seven hours of run-time.

Thanks to the integrated lithium-ion power cell, users don’t even have to think about batteries anymore. This not only reduces handling — it saves money and is eco-friendly.

The technologies included are Speech Master, HD Music, TwinPhone and Echo Shield. The Speech Master technology will reduce background noise to make listening much easier in noisy situations and also has directional microphones to pick up sound from all directions, so the speaker does not have to be face on. The music feature improves the sound of music allowing it to sound more realistic. Echo Shield prevents an echo, which can affect the quality of the sound as the sound waves bouncing off the walls can be amplified, muffling every sound. TwinPhone will recognize that you are using a phone, and transmit the speech picked up in one ear to both ears, making it much easier to hear the conversation. There is also a tinnitus therapy feature and a push button to change volume or program. It is possible to control it using an app suitable for Apple or Android mobile devices.