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Direct to iPhone and Android

Phonak’s new Audéo™​ B-Direct brings a lot to the table for receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid wearers. Advanced wireless connectivity with hands-free technology – combined with ultra-clear sound performance in a variety of different environments – make Phonak’s newest addition a multitasker’s dream. 

Phonak’s Audéo B series offers a sleek, discreet design – and the Audéo B-Direct is no exception. Among many convenient wireless features, it’s nice to simply enjoy Audéo B-Direct’s inconspicuous physical placement. 

Another awesome feature of the Audéo B-Direct is its incredibly versatile connectivity. Unlike its closest competitors, the Audéo B-Direct’s compatibility doesn’t end with the iPhone – it is compatible with any smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device*. This includes just about every cell phone manufactured in the last decade – and beyond. 

In this capacity, it is a market front-runner in both the number of devices it connects to as well as the clarity of its sound. 

Hands-free connectivity with a variety of devices

In terms of today’s electronics, it’s all about hands-free usability – and hearing aids are no different. 

With the Audéo B-Direct, your phone does not have to be nearby for you to take advantage of these features. It can be activated from across the room with the Audéo B-Direct’s convenient push-button feature, leaving you free to continue your activities without having to pause and pick up the phone. 

Another enjoyable feature is the effortless connectivity not only with your mobile phone, but with your television or stereo system through a new compact multimedia hub called the TV Connector, which allows you to turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones so you can experience excellent stereo sound quality as you watch your favorite programs. This also makes it easy to watch TV at your preferred volume, while the rest of the family can keep the volume at a level which suits them. 

Flawless transition between sound environments

The superior functionality of the unique AutoSense Operating System™ continues to shine in the Audéo B-Direct. This device’s ability to adapt quickly to different environments and provide optimal listening with environmental balance is noticeably different than other RICs or operating systems. While other aids can be uncertain as to when to make the shift between a loud restaurant and a quiet side room, Audéo B-Direct seamlessly accommodates changes in volume and environment.  

With wireless and physical features that allow you to stay connected to all of the most important parts of your life, Audéo B-Direct is certainly among the few RICs that’s riding the crest of the newest digital hearing technology wave. 

Essential features at a glance:

  • Universal connectivity to any Bluetooth-enabled device*
  • Effortless TV Streaming
  • Enjoy hands-free phone calls with push-button feature
  • Seamless sound adjustment with AutoSense OS™
  • Size 13 battery provides 6 days of battery life on average
  • Available in Premium (B90), Advanced (B70), and Standard (B50) performance levels