About Oticon Hearing Aids



Oticon is another leading brand in the hearing aid industry that has been helping restore people’s hearing for decades. What started with a man simply trying to help his wife with hearing loss would become a company that would help thousands of people. The roots of Oticon date back to 1904 and faced many hardships, but this hearing aid brand is still a top provider in the industry.

Oticon hearing aids are designed for the people. They are meant to make hearing easy, convenient, and normal for people with hearing loss, allowing them to be able to live their lives as they would without hearing loss. With innovative designs and advanced technology, Oticon continues to provide people with quality hearing aids.

Online Hearing is proud to offer Oticon hearing aids along with a variety of other top hearing aid brands. You can learn more about Oticon hearing aids below and what features they offer that could help further improve your hearing. When you shop Online Hearing, you will be able to find the best hearing aid brand at the best price.

To find the perfect hearing aids for you, get started by submitting your hearing test. One of our hearing experts will be able to help you find the best hearing aid option for you based on your needs, the features you want, and the style you are looking for. 

Types of Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon carries a variety of hearing aid options, many of which have specific features to help with different types of hearing loss, including veterans and children with hearing loss. At Online Hearing, we carry a variety of styles as well. You can find a variety of Oticon hearing aids from Online Hearing. These include Oticon Opm™ styles, Oticon Alta, Oticon Nera, and Oticon Ria. Learn more about these individual hearing aid style below! If you want more information, be sure to contact us. We will be able to help you determine which hearing aids are best for you and your needs.

Oticon Opn hearing aids are the most advanced devices from the brand. This hearing aid style allows you to listen to multiple people, while still being able to focus on a single one. The Opn technology reduced noise without cutting out any of the speakers around you. Stay tuned to the room without being overwhelmed by the sound or losing ability to hear those around you while focusing on a single person. Oticon Opn works with the brain to help make hearing easier for people, allowing them to remember more of what is being said.

Online Hearing currently offers the Oticon Opn miniRITE hearing aids. This Opn hearing aid style is the smallest in the Opn group, making them more discrete while providing you with optimum hearing.

Oticon Opn hearing aids offer many different features that could make them a great hearing aid options for you. These include:

  • Rechargeable: this hearing aid style is rechargeable, allowing them to be ready to use at all times. Never worry about changing the batteries in your hearing aids. Having hearing aids that are rechargeable will add even more convenience to these advanced hearing aids.
  • 360 Degree Soundscape: this technology allows for you to feel more confident in everyday situations. You will be able to hear everything surrounding you, no need to position your head or turn to hear better!
  • Internet Connection: Oticon Opn hearing aids connect to the internet and electronic devices easily, making it easier to stay connected. This feature opens the door to new possibilities. 
  • Fast Processing Speed: these hearing aids are fast enough to support brain activity, create more accurate sounds that surrounds you. This hearing aid style improves speech, making it easier to understand so you don’t have to work so hard while in conversations with multiple people. 
  • Tinnitus Relief: Oticon Opn is offered with Tinnitus SoundSupport™, which help you manage symptoms of tinnitus. 

The Oticon Opn hearing aids are created with advanced and innovative technology. These hearing aids are meant to help you in everyday situations, making it easier for you to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Shop our Oticon Opn hearing aids now!



The Oticon Alta2 hearing aids are another device that uses advanced technology to help make hearing easier for the user. This hearing aid style uses BrainHearing™ technology to help your brain make sense of what it is hearing.

Online Hearing offers Oticon Alta2 Pro hearing aids as part of our Oticon product collection. These hearing aids offer many different features that can help you regain your hearing and confidence. Learn more about these hearing aid features below:

  • BrainHearing Technology: as mentioned above, the BrainHearing technology helps to create a better hearing experience. Hear effortlessly as this advanced technology helps make sense of the sounds around you. This hearing aid is designed to match individual sounds to create a natural hearing experience. 
  • Improved Soft Speech: this hearing aid can help you understand soft speech better. You will be able to hear the softest voices, even a whisper, with up to 20 percent improvement.
  • Personalization: the Oticon Alta2 can be personalized to give you a better hearing experience. Adjust these hearing aids to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

This small and personalized hearing aid makes it easy to enjoy everyday life without struggling to hear anyone around you. Enjoy natural, rich, and vibrant sound with the help of Oticon Alta2 hearing aids.

Oticon Nera2 hearing devices are another great option. These hearing aids can provide you with superior hearing quality. Online Hearing offers Oticon Nera2 hearing aids that can help improve your hearing in everyday situations. These hearing aids do not have as many personalization options as the Oticon Alta2 hearing aids, but they still offer great sound. 

Some of the features of the Nera2 hearing aid style include:

  • Spatial Sound: this feature allows you to hear sounds coming from all around you. This is a helpful feature when in conversation, allowing you to know where sounds are coming from. 
  • Binaural Synchronization: wearing two hearing aids may throw off your hearing at times. With this technology, your devices will be more balanced and keep sound synchronized.
  • Noise management: the Oticon Nera2 hearing aids offer noise reduction features to allow you to hear a speaker more clearly.
  • Connectability: these hearing aids can connect to different electronic devices. This allows you to watch your favorite TV shows, talk on the phone, and enjoy your devices with ease. 

If you are looking for a hearing aid that is advanced and offers a better listening experience, this is a great choice. Search Online Hearing today to get started and find the Oticon hearing aids that work for you!

Oticon Ria2 hearing aids are designed with advanced and innovative technology, however, they are not as advanced as the Alta2 and Nera2 hearing aid styles. This is a great option for those who do not need to rely on their hearing aids as much and do not struggle in different situations.

Online Hearing offers Oticon Ria2 hearing aids that could be the right choice for you. These hearing aids can provide you with the what you need to regain your hearing. The Ria2 hearing aids offer many features as well, although they are more basic:

  • Wireless Synchronization: when you use Oticon Ria2 hearing aids, the two devices with synchronizing, improving your hearing experience.
  • Sense Shield: the Oticon Ria2 hearing aids are designed with a technology to help minimize whistling and howling noises that can occur with different hearing aids. 
  • Connectability: connect these hearing aids to your smartphone, TV, tablet, and other devices and enjoy your entertainment easily. You can also use this connection to talk on the phone, making it easier to hear. 

While this Oticon hearing aid style may not be as advanced as the Atla2 or Nera2, it is still a great hearing aid option. Oticon uses advanced technology and style to create an efficient and comfortable hearing aid.


Tinnitus is a condition that causes a person to hear sounds that are not actually there. These sounds can include buzzing, ringing, roaring, hissing, and others. If you do not suffer from tinnitus, you don’t understand the physical and mental toll it can take. This condition can affect a person’s daily life and may even lead to other conditions such as depression and anxiety. 

There are many different things that can cause tinnitus, including:

  • Aging
  • Exposure to loud sounds
  • Exposure to sudden impact noises
  • Head or neck injuries
  • Stress or emotional distress

Oticon Opn hearing aids uuse Tinnitus SoundSupport to help manage tinnitus. This is a sound therapy that can help you experience relief from your tinnitus, blocking out buzzing and ringing sounds with the sound of the ocean, white noise, and other soothing sounds. With the Oticon ON App, you can control your sound therapy and enjoy relief from your tinnitus.



Why Choose Oticon

Oticon has been in the hearing industry for decades. They have created hearing aids that have always been designed to for the people, helping with different issues that come with hearing loss. With innovative technology and design, you can enjoy better hearing. Shop the Online Hearing collection of Oticon hearing aids to find the perfect one for you! If you need help finding the right hearing aid style for your needs, feel free to contact our hearing experts. We can help determine which hearing aid style is right for you. Submit your hearing test to get started on finding the right pair of Oticon hearing aids for you or shop our other top hearing aid brands!


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