Hearing Healthcare Ambassador Program

Introducing our Hearing Healthcare Ambassador Program!

Get Paid to Help Others!

Too many people, including your friends and family, are still overpaying for hearing aids.

It's time to change that

We are officially announcing our Hearing Healthcare Ambassador Program (HHAP) in an effort to change the way people buy hearing aids.

For every person you recommend to Online Hearing who buys and keeps a set of hearing aids from us, you will receive a $100 VISA Gift Card and the person who purchases their hearing aids from us will receive $200 off their order.

Our goal is to show people they can get high-quality, brand name hearing aids at a fraction of the price, while getting an unmatched level of service that maybe their local provider does not even offer. Essentially, we want to do for them what we hopefully did for you

You're already eligible for the program just by being our customer! In order to take advantage, you just need to do the following:

    1. Have someone order the hearing aids and reference your order number. They cannot use your name, it must be your order number
  • -If you need your order number, you can find it in your order confirmation email, or give us a call and we'll look it up for you.
  • $$$ Repeat Step 1 as many times as you want, there's no limit.
  • We tried to keep it as simple as possible! At that point, that's all you need to do. They will receive their discount at the time of the order and we'll give you a call both at the time you are referred and when it's time to collect your gift card

    In order to ensure everyone comes out a winner, there are some rules:

    • The person who purchases the hearing aids must find a solution that works for them. This means they must keep the hearing aids and settle on a manufacturer/model, and be outside their return period. If they need to exchange the hearing aids in order to have a better experience, that's okay, we'll keep working with them to make sure they are happy and confident with their hearing aid selection as long as they are eligible. Once they are 15 days beyond the return period, we consider you eligible for the gift card.
    • This does not compound with other promotions and offers. If we have a promotion or offer on the hearing aids they purchase, they will receive either the $200 off the order as part of the HHAP or the promotion. Should they choose the promotional offer instead of the HHAP discount, you are still eligible to receive a $50 Visa Gift Card.

    These safeguards are just there to ensure we're still here to see our mission through, which is to change the way people look at hearing aids and provide help to as many people as possible.

    Finally You Can Get Paid for Doing the Right Thing!

    If you still have questions about any of this, please don't hesitate to contact us


    Our customers save an average of $2900 per order

    We are changing the hearing aid industry to offer a different way to buy hearing aids and save thousands. Our business model is designed to save customers $3000-$5000 on average for a pair of hearing aids, along with providing high quality service that our customers worldwide can rely on. We've helped thousands of happy hearing aid wearers find the right hearing aids for the right price. We offer programming, maintenance, cleaning services, warranty processing and replacement parts, we do it all.