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About Phantom Hearing Aids

Phantom hearing aids are personal sound amplifiers. These over-the-counter hearing devices differ from traditional hearing aids in that one does not need to visit a doctor or have one's hearing tested in order to purchase these. People who have mild hearing loss can use them to help with hearing voices or sounds, and to hear music better.

Our Phantom brand products are affordable and feature a discreet design. They are digital and have great sound quality. They are also less expensive than traditional hearing aids, costing around $200 to $400 per pair.

Product Features

Phantom personal sound amplifiers offer a lot of features, including four channels and twelve bands to give individuals the ability to fine-tune the sound quality to suit their needs. Other features include volume control, presets, noise reduction, and feedback cancellation. Our amplifiers can be helpful in many situations, including noisy restaurants and telephone conversations.

Custom Fitting

We offer a wide variety of sizes of tubes and domes that attach to the devices to perfectly fit any shape of ear. The domes are hypoallergenic and are perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin. Replacement tubes and domes are free for the lifetime of the device (the buyer pays shipping and handling).

For hearing impaired individuals on a budget, Phantom brand personal sound amplifiers are a good solution. They don’t do everything that hearing aids can do, but their affordability makes them a good solution to try if you have begun experiencing hearing loss.

Online Hearing offers a ton of top name brand hearing aids to choose from. Along with the top names in the industry, we offer some other hearing aid brands including Phantom. Phantom personal sound amplifiers (PSAP) are discreet, affordable, and fully digital. These can provide you with great sound and a simple solution to your hearing loss.

These sound amplifiers do not require a hearing test or doctor visit and come with a ton of different features that you will love! Shop Phantom from Online Hearing today!

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